Spring Pests Are Coming Early!!


Spring is just around the corner, Actually, it felt like spring just last week. Well, during that week, we have received calls for ants and roaches. As the weather is changing, we are seeing an increase in pest activity.

Ants are starting to gather their food source to help them get ready for the Spring. Ants will begin entering your home and attacking your kitchen. Start a pest control treatment process now!! Stop the ants from coming by taking to them in their habitat.

Roaches have also been seen. The large roach, known as the smokey brown (people also refer to them as a waterbug) and the German roach. The roach is a fairly easy pest to kill and prevent from entering your home. However, the German roach is very difficult to control.

The large roach enters the home for food or shelter. Having a pest control program in place will help minimize roach activity. If you are seeing large roaches in your home, please call A S K Exterminators for help!

German roaches are roaches that are brough into the home. You may go shopping and bring home boxes from the discount stores. These boxes may have egg capsules in the corrugation. Each egg capsules may have 30-50 roaches. They multiply very fast. Other common items are used appliances, used furniture, grocery bags, etc. If you discover a German roach problem, it will require monthly pest control visits.

The initial price for the treatment is usually high, due to the amount of time spent treating and the amount of materials used to treat. To get rid of them could take months or longer, depending on the severity of the problem. If you see 1/2 inch, light brown roaches, with 2 black stripes behind the head, you have a German roach problem. Contact A S K Exterminators and we can take care of your pest control needs in the Atlanta area.