Cold Weather = Unwanted Guests

The weather outside is starting to get cold.  You can expect to see unwanted guests entering your home.  These guests can be anything from ants to roaches to rodents.  This past weekend, I visited my neighbor’s house because he was certain he had some unwanted guests in his attic. I looked around and found a fair amount of droppings.  I placed two rat snap traps near the furnace and baited with peanut butter.  In about 20 minutes, we caught a rat.  Usually, rats are shy by nature and new objects require time for rats to be comfortable around them.  However, this rat must have been hungry.  I went back to my neighbor’s house, disposed of the rat and reset the trap.  An hour or so later, he texts me that he go another.  As of today, November 17, he has said he caught a total of 10.