Mosquito Services

Mosquito season in Georgia usually runs from April through October, but the season could start and end earlier or later, depending on the temperature and the rain.

More than 200 species of mosquitos live in the United States, but the main species in Georgia are the Aedes Mosquito, Culex Mosquito, and the Anopheles Mosquito.

Unfortunately, these three types of mosquitos have been known to carry such diseases as West Nile virus, yellow fever, dengue fever, Chikungunya fever, and malaria. All mosquitos are nuisances, but these can make you sick.

We recommend that homeowners eliminate any standing water that could attract mosquitos. All water sources are a possible breeding ground for mosquitos. This could be from pools, ponds, fountains, clogged gutters full of debris, buckets, yard equipment, old tires, children’s toys, overturned pots, ditches, even tall grass or holes in your yard.

It is crucial to make sure all of your weather stripping and housing sealants are intact. Mosquitos can enter your home through small cracks in windows, walls, or the foundation, and once they get inside and breed, the removal process becomes even more difficult.

Mosquitos and other bugs love messy yards. Take the time to rid your yard and carport of boards, sticks, and rotting logs that could provide mosquitos with breeding or hibernating grounds. We come out and treat your yard and deck with a gas-powered backpack sprayer every three weeks, helping to reduce the number of mosquitos and repel the ones looking for new places to nest, so that you and your family can enjoy the outdoors without fearing mosquito attacks during the warm months.


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