Fall and Winter Pests

rodent control

It is approaching winter and our weather is beginning to get cold. We are currently dealing with cockroaches and spiders. If you have such creatures, call A.S.K Exterminators and we will be happy to put you on a pest control program that will minimize your cockroaches and spiders.

You may also be experiencing lady bugs and boxelder bugs. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do for them. Lady bugs are beneficial to our environment and simply become a nuisance to us. Boxelder bugs are too a nuisance. All we can do is vacuum them up. There is no treatment that can take care of them.

Now, let us speak about rodents. As the weather becomes cold, cold and cold, rodents will want to come into our homes for warmth. A good pest control program begins with exclusion. You must determine all entry points and exclude them to prevent any rodents from entering. Rats just need a 1/2 inch to enter while mice just need 1/4 inch. Preventing them from coming in is the number one way to treat rodents.

However, should you find them already inside after exclusion, I suggest trapping. By trapping, you know where your stations are in order to remove them once they are caught. If you use poison, you may have them die in the walls and then they will decay, causing a foul odor for at least a week or so. Therefore, do not bait.

You can call A.S.K Exterminators and we will set traps to catch those rodents inside your home. If needed, we will come back and remove the dead rodents. visit us a www.askexterminators.com or contact us at 678-493-7378 for more information.