Spring into Spring

ant removal

The flying insects are starting to come out and annoy. In several situations, the Carpenter Bee has been buzzing around. That means it is time for them to start boring a dime size hole in your house, deck, porch or anything that is made out of wood. The bad news….you really cannot prevent them from damaging your structure. They do not nest until they bore the hole in the wood. Therefore, there is not place you can go to stop them from damaging your home. Good news…..once they bore the hole, they nest in it and lay eggs. You can treat the hole using a dust or residual pesticide to kill them. Once you do, plug the hole with wood putty and repaint.

Also, wasps are starting to get out of hand. I was sitting in traffic with my window open and a wasp almost flew into my van. As I am treating home for pest control, wasps are beginning to fly around. I just posted a picture of a wasp on my website that I killed as it almost attacked my while I was treating a home for pest control. Score another for the bugman.

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