Spring Into Spring

The flying insects are back, annoying and pestering humans. Specifically, carpenter bees have been buzzing around, looking for spots to start drilling dime-size holes in your house, deck, porch or anything that is made out of wood. The bad news: you can’t act fast enough to prevent them from damaging your structure. They do not nest until they make a hole in the wood. That’s how they got the name carpenter bees! 

The good news: once the bees bore the hole, they stop, nest in it and lay eggs. ASK Exterminators can treat the hole using a dust or residual pesticide to kill the insects. The hole can then be plugged with wood putty and repainted. 

Also, wasps are starting to get out of hand. I was sitting in traffic with my van window open and a wasp almost flew into the van. I just posted a picture on the website of a wasp that took aim at me while I was treating a home. I killed it! Score another for the bugman!

If you are looking for pest control service for wasps, carpenter bees or any other pest, please call us at 678-493-7378 or visit us online at https://askexterminators.com/


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