Termite Treatment Season is Here! Has Your Business Been Inspected?

As the days begin to warm in the Spring, we start getting calls at A.S.K. Exterminators about termites. This is a critical time to schedule termite treatment to prevent new colonies from forming.

Often termites are discovered during remodeling projects, and we were called in to inspect a commercial property where carpet was being removed. Imagine the shock of finding live active termites in your building! We did a full inspection and even found swarming termites and worker termites in the conference room. The video below shows the swarming termites, worker termites and soldier termites that were under the carpet.

Needless to say, I came up with a plan of action and treated the termites the following day using Termidor. Professionally applied Termidor is a commercial pest control termite treatment that is the best way to eliminate and prevent a termite infestation from damaging your place of business.

Termite Treatments Protect Your Bottom Line

It is important to call us if you see anything that resembles the video above.  Termite treatment for extreme infestations may require drilling holes through slabs or other hard surfaces adjacent to the foundation of the structure which also increases your costs significantly. Early detection is critical to saving your business money and down time.

Termite infestations require treatment using chemicals that must be applied by licensed pest control professionals. A.S.K Exterminators will eliminate and prevent future termite infestations by applying a liquid dilution of Termidor along the foundation walls of your business to create a continuous treatment zone. Often a minimally disruptive Termidor treatment, called “trenching” or “trenching and rodding”, along the exterior of your property may be all the protection you will need and provide 100% control of infesting termites in three months or less after treatment.

Termite damage often is overlooked since the warning signs are unfamiliar to untrained eyes. Signs of termite damage can often look like water damage and can include buckling wood, swollen floors and ceilings, or smell like mildew or mold. Scheduling a yearly termite inspection by A.S.K. Exterminators will give you peace of mind and save your business the higher cost of termite treatment of infestations.

Call us at (678) 493-7378 to schedule an inspection for termite treatment or prevention.

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